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  • Country : United States
  • Region : Washington
  • City : Bellevue
  • City Area : not specified
  • Start date: 2018-01-30 22:05:06
  • End date: 2018-03-02 22:05:06
  • Shipping/Handling fee: $10000
  • Current bid : No active bids
  • Total due incl. Shipping/Handling fee: $72000
  • Published: June 28, 2017
  • Modified: July 21, 2017

Description :


Nissan 370 Z 2WD 2009 assisted by a unique prototype system developed by this Company for the production and supply "on demand" of hydrogen gas to increase mileage and reduce emissions.


This Company has not patented the system in U.S.  To produce the hydrogen a mix based on distilled water and an electrolyte solution based on Potassium Hydroxide or (KOH) has been developed . 

The resulting emissions are dramatically reduced and nearly odorless. Water is also an exhaust byproduct and drips harmlessly from the tail pipes as the engine runs.  At the same time, mileage is greatly improved nearly doubling the range of the car on a tank of gasoline.

Enough KOH will be included in the purchase price to provide enough electrolyte to operate the vehicle for approximately 300,000 miles.  Additional KOH is readily available and may be purchased at a number of retailers including

This Oxyhydrogen gas model could be applied to numerous other types of combustion systems including diesel engines or methanol engines.

The minimum bid does not reflect the current value of the car without the prototype system installed but rather an “innovation premium” for this one of a kind adjunct energy.

This Company has fine tuned the electrolyte solution KOH/Distilled water ratio to get the most out of it; indeed it dramatically reduce emissions and increase mileage.

This Company will share the ideal percentage of KOH per gallon of distilled water so that you'll be able to create your own solution with the best output.

Important note: Potassium Hydroxide (Caustic Potash) is a hazardous substance and should be handled with extreme care.  Health problems may occur if KOH comes in contact with the skin, so protective gloves and safety glasses are required when the electrolyte solution is prepared.  This Company has not registered any health incidents while operating  or maintaining the system.