- Facts and FAQ -


This site has been created to manage this Company prototype auction as approved by this Company Board of Directors (BoD) on 3rd April 2017 and confirmed by the 29th June 2017 BoD meeting.

hydromoving inc. is a registered and active Corporation in the State of Washington since 2013, UBI 603326113.

This auction site has been endorsed by this Company BoD as the only online place (other than CarGurus) to sell this Company prototype.

This auction will stay open until the prototype is won by a bidder or until the prototype is sold on CarGurus or until the 28th of June 2018, the one that comes first.

You can participate to this auction as a Business Owner, Profit or Non-Profit Organization, a Government entity or an Education Institution or just as an Individual.

This prototype is not running on rain water only or distilled water only.

This prototype is not running on water only or hydrogen only.

This prototype cannot run without unleaded or premium gas.

This prototype operates at its best when running on a mix of unleaded/premium gas and hydrogen (produced by this Company system installed on the 370 Z).

This prototype is an hybrid car that normally runs on gas and can dramatically reduce emissions and increase mileage with the activation (one button!) of this Company in house developed system.

This prototype can be purchased at 80,000.00 USD as a one-time at https://cargur.us/hsXRP 

Hydrogen is produced by an electrolyte solution being a mix of distilled water and KOH. A photo of the KOH used with this prototype is available at  https://www.facebook.com/Hydromovinginc/ .

This company has researched during the past 4 years to fine tune the electrolyte solution to always provide the ideal pressure, this is an extra value this Company will pass to the bid winner, for free.

A full electrolyte solution tank plus one (1) gallon of fine tuned electrolyte solution, worth few thousand mileage, will be provided with the prototype.

KOH in flake form is included with the prototype; enough for 300,000 miles and more.

This prototyped system exploits known scientific laws paired with electronic hacking of the prototype CPU to produce and inject oxyhydrogen gas on demand in the combustion chambers; this model can be applied to infinite fields, think about a biofarm deployment, just one example.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. I am an individual or a profit or non-profit organization, may I participate?.

A. Yes, as long as you are a U.S. citizen or your Company has the HQ located in U.S.

Q. Is hydromoving inc. a legit Company?

A. Yes, hydromoving inc. is an active Corporation in Washington State since 2013.

Q. I own a business in the green energy, am I entitled to participate?

A. Yes, why not, actually you are the ideal bidder as you can guess the R&D value espressed by the system.

Q. I'm a journalist and I would like to expose your Company history, would that be possible.

A. Sure, we are selling a one time off PRESS INTERVIEW, be the first and only one!

Q. How old is the system

A. All cells have been serviced in June 2017 so they are all brand new, the electronic is the same since 2013.

Q. Is there any pending trial or legal battle going on the prototype rights within this Company or with any other 3rd party?

A. No, there is no active or pending trial, this Company owns the prototype AS IS.

Q. What if I want to reverse engineer the system and learn from it.

A. The prototype is auctioned AS IS, this Company does not impose any restriction on the level of reverse engineering on any part of the system developed, installed and owned by this Company.

Q. I have a friendship [or a business partnership] with one of the actual shareholders, am I allowed to participate?

A. Yes, everybody can participate but this Company Shareholders, President, Secretary, Legal Agent, Legal Partners and all Board of Directors members.

Q. I am a potential competitor to this Company, am I allowed to participate?

A. Yes, you are the ideal bidder as you understand the benefits such solutions bring to the market and the community and you could have the vision to make it a great green-energy product.

Q. I heard about this man who has a Company with same name and he is talking about the system using rain water, is that true?

A. No, this Company does not endorse nor confirm any statement released by that man.

Q. Can I service the car at any Nissan Service for the regular maintenance?

A. Yes, the system can be switched on/off as you prefer. This Company recommends a trusted mechanic though.

Q. I have more questions

A. This Company Board of Director recommend to book an A/V InfoConference.

Q. How can I be sure you will not increase artificially the price?

A. No one from this Company can participate and this Company has put in place all the appropriate practices to diligently monitor and evaluate every single bid to make sure all bidder have equal opportunities and that no misconduct are registered.

Q. What if I want to keep my PII data confidential?

A. This Company will never share with anyone your PII data unless required by Washington State laws. We'll definitely NOT disclose your PII or Company data on any digital media including but not limited to fb,tw,ig,tr, etc. Remember that once this auction is done, this site and all its data will be permanently erased. You can take all the snapshots you need if you want to keep track of all your actions on this site.

Q. I read about #hydromoving #unneacquapiovana #ilvelenodilorenzo, what is that?

A. Most people, especially in Italy,  still believe the man has invented something special coming just from rain water and they called it on newspapers and tv shows "L'acqua di lorenzo" which is in reality an electrolyte solution [based on KOH], not exactly rain water, closer to a poison indeed. 

Q. I like the prototype and ... what if I want to contact the man and start doing business with him so that I buy the prototype and Startup with him?

A. This auction does not limit your action in any field, if you want to contact the man and start doing business with him, your call. To make it clear, this Company is dissolving to put distance between all shareholders and the man, all shareholders (but one, guess who) are giving up a good business to stay away from him, you do the math. Nothing will prevent you from contacting him and deal with him though.

Q. How many cars like this are currently running in the U.S.?

A. Only one, this Company prototype.

Q. So if I understand well you are selling something that could be exploitable by businesses and / or individuals, like I want to R&D the system to make a better one and then patent it?

A. Once you are the owner, you can do whatever you like as it is sold AS IS with no royalties, patents pending, etc.

For any further request you can send a message using the "Contact" link on the upper right; we thank you in advance for your messages and will respond accordingly.

Last updated: 30th June 2017 11:00 AM