- Terms and Conditions -

As a bidder, you have all the rights to bid how many times you want and until this auction expires.

Misconducting bidders will be suspended indefinitely; if you think this Company judgement on your exclusion is wrong, send your feedback using the "Contact" form on the upper right corner of this page.

As a bidder you have all the rights to request your data is kept strictly confidential and this Company will honor your request. By default all bidders data is kept strictly confidential and never exchanged with any 3rd party.

You can invite everyone 21+ to register and we always reserve the rights to suspend, decline or cancel any bidder without notice; if you think we are in error you can send your feedback using the "Contact" form in the upper right corner.

Payment options: Instant Wire, BoA Cashier Check. The prototype will be handed over to the bidder once payment is completed (can be same time if using Instant Wire or BoA Cashier Check).

Referral bonus: if you know someone who is potentially interested in buying this prototype, we'll award you 1.000.00 USD as "referral bonus" when you are referred by the final buyer. When you register remeber to type in the "Department" field your email and make sure that the buyer types exactly the same email in the "Department" field when s/he registers. Once the sale is completed, if there is a referral email in the buyer "Department" field matching yours, we'll contact you to PayPal 1,000.00 USD. The Referral Bonus is valid only for the sale of the Prototype and all this Company Shareholders are not eligible to the referral bonus.

The bid increment is 1,000.00 USD.

This prototype can be purchased at 80,000.00 USD as a one-time at https://cargur.us/hsXRP 

Last updated: 30th June 2017 11:00 AM